Yoga during Pregnancy

During pregnancy your body undergoes lots of physical as well as mental stress hence prenatal yoga is a way for a healthy body and mind. Prenatal yoga offers a much-needed opportunity for pregnant woman to connect with your baby and the transformation they are experiencing. Whether you are new to yoga or are already an experienced practitioner, you can enjoy the many benefits of yoga while pregnant. Our Prenatal Fitness classes includes safe and effective workouts for pregnant women.

What prenatal yoga can do for you?

When you’re pregnant, it sometimes feels like your body has been taken over by aliens. All the things you thought you knew about yourself go out the window as your body does its amazing work. Change that is out of your control can lead you to feel disconnected from your sense of self. In yoga, we often say that your body is different every time you get on the mat, and we work on accepting that change is a constant. In pregnancy, this is doubly true. Yoga helps you reconnect with your body and embrace its journey. There are many benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

Yoga classes are a great way to prepare yourself for the birthing process and to enjoy the company of other pregnant women, fostering a sense of community that should not be undervalued. Many new mom’s support systems and toddlers playgroups have emerged from the bonds forged in prenatal yoga.

Yoga provides holistic health benefits for to-be-mothers:

  • Yoga asanas help keep the body supple. They relieve tension around the cervix by opening up the pelvic region. This prepares to-be-mothers for labor and delivery.
  • Yoga and Pranayamas can train you to breathe deeply and relax consciously, helping you face the demands of labor and childbirth.
  • Yoga helps alleviate the effect of common symptoms such as morning sickness, painful leg cramps, swollen ankles, and constipation.
  • Yoga asanas also help pregnant women recover faster post-delivery.

Benefits of prenatal yoga

  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Decreases back pain
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Decreases risk of preterm delivery
  • Decreases risk of IUGR ( intrauterine growth restriction)
  • It gets you better prepared for normal delivery
  • Provides relief from common pregnancy complications like nausea, headache, back pain etc

When can we start yoga during pregnancy?

The best time to start yoga during pregnancy is after 14 weeks.

Our classes focus on yoga and different types of exercises to prepare your body and mind for a normal labor. This being one of the most momentous phases of your life, give yourself and your little bundle of joy, the gift of prenatal yoga. We also provide consultation and classes on Diet during pregnancy and Lamaze Classes. To view list of all services we provide, please visit Pregnancy Classes in vizag.