Couples Exercises

Pregnancy is a joyful time – a time when both partners can come together and bond.

Today, fathers are very much a part of the pregnancy experience. Right from being there for doctors visits to the labor room they are an integral part of the support team.

Doing prenatal exercises together is another opportunity for a couple to be together at this time. Having a support person for the exercises is a great help for the mom to be as the dad to be can assist her into a posture, monitor her and can correct her.

Exercising together will hep your partner understand your pregnancy better as he will be more aware of your discomfort zones. As your partner guides you with the exercises and helps you count he also familiarizes the baby with his voice.

We at Blissful Pregnancy strongly believe that our couple exercise classes make it easier for dads to bond with their newborns in the period immediately after birth. We also provide lamaze classes, which includes breathing techniques to cope up with labor.