Pregnancy Classes

What are pregnancy classes or prenatal classes?

Prenatal classes prepare you for labor, birth, and early parenthood. It includes about ten sessions, covering various topics to help you during pregnancy & labor. You will also learn about, how to care for your newborn baby.

Why are prenatal classes important?

Prenatal classes are essential because they help you prepare for your baby’s birth with confidence. It will also help you learn about birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Topics covered in prenatal classes:

Healthy diet during pregnancy
You can learn about staying fit and healthy during pregnancy. You will also get a complete picture of what kind of diet is to take during pregnancy & which one to avoid. You will even get a customised diet chart prepared for you, based on your diet preferences.

Exercises during pregnancy 
You will discover various exercises in prenatal classes which help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to aid in normal delivery. These exercises will also help you stay fit and healthy throughout pregnancy.

What happens during labor and birth
Our gynecologist will explain you about labor and delivery in detail. You may have various questions and doubts about what happens during labor and birth, but do not worry. You will get answers to all your queries. 

Coping techniques of labor
You will also learn about many breathing techniques including Lamaze breathing techniques, which will help you cope with labor pain.

Pain relief methods during labor

Relaxation techniques

Breathing exercises

Kegels exercises
Kegels exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to aid in normal delivery. Our Pregnancy fitness educators will tell you when you can start kegel exercises and how to practice them.

Information about different kinds of birth

Breastfeeding classes
You will also learn about various breastfeeding techniques & receive custom diet chart for better lactation. 

Infant care
You will also learn about how to look after and feed your baby.

Postnatal diet and exercises
The most common problem women face after pregnancy is weight gain. Our Prenatal Classes also includes custom diet chart and exercises for women after pregnancy. The exercises will help you get back to shape again.

When can I start attending prenatal classes?

You can start attending antenatal classes from 8 – 10 weeks of pregnancy.