Preconception Counseling

What is preconceptional counselling?

Caring for your health before you become pregnant itself is called pre conceptional care.It will help you learn about the risk factors and treat any medical problems that you may have before you conceive.

Why is it important?

Planning your pregnancy can help you make sensible choices for you as well as your baby. Most often women do not realize they are pregnant until several weeks after they have conceived. The early weeks of fetal growth are crucial. During the early weeks your health can affect your baby’s growth.

We will provide health education, risk assessment and intervention before pregnancy to reduce chances of poor perinatal outcomes. This helps a woman to better prepare her body for successful conception (fertilization) and pregnancy, and allows her to reduce any health risks which are within her control.

During your preconceptional visit, we will try to identify thing that may pose risks to you or the baby you are planning to have. Keeping fit, eating healthy and avoiding certain things that could be harmful to the baby are the first steps for a healthy pregnancy.
Through pre pregnancy counselling we can optimise your pre pregnancy health. You can get started by making a preconception counseling appointment with us.