Frequently Asked Questions About Prenatal Classes & Pregnancy Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions n prenatal classes and pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy and Childbirth are one of the most important events of your life. Hence, you should attend prenatal or antenatal classes and visit your gynecologist to get regular check-ups done. It would be best if you also read books and even ask as many questions as possible to your gynecologist & childbirth educator to be entirely prepared for childbirth. You should attend childbirth classes, even if it’s not your first child Because childbirth classes will prepare your body for the delivery and ensure a healthy pregnancy. As childbirth educators in Visakhapatnam, we get so many questions asked about prenatal classes. So, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions here.

When should you start taking birthing classes or prenatal classes antenatal classes?

You can sign up for prenatal classes as soon as you are diagnosed with pregnancy, i.e., in your trimester itself. The sooner you register, the more time you have to learn and practice everything that you have learnt in the childbirth classes.

What are Prenatal classes?

Prenatal classes help you familiarize with the changes that occur in your body during pregnancy. It also enables you to prepare for labor. One of the most important benefits you get from prenatal classes is, you will get a platform where you can get all your pregnancy-related questions clarified.

What do you learn in prenatal classes?

You can learn about many topics in prenatal classes. I have listed the topics below :

when should i start prenatal yoga?

You can start prenatal yoga after 14 weeks, once you cross the first trimester.

When should I take a breastfeeding class?

It is always better to attend a breastfeeding class antenatally in the third trimester. Because, this will help you learn breastfeeding techniques, different positions and latching on methods before your baby’s arrival. Once your baby arrives, you can easily breastfeed your baby the right way. However, It is not good to wait to take your breastfeeding class after the delivery of your baby. Because you may not find time to attend the class once your baby is born. However, you can still participate in breastfeeding class after delivery to get all the benefits and understand about the right techniques of breastfeeding, whether your baby is latching on correctly and whether your baby is getting enough feeds.

How long is a birthing class?

You can complete all the ten classes or sessions of birthing class in a month, or you can take weekly once course. We strongly suggest completing the classes as early as possible. Because this will give you more time, you get to practice the exercises, yoga & breathing techniques.