Lamaze Breathing Exercises for Labor

The Lamaze method, developed by the obstetrician Ferdinand Lamaze, has been used in the United States since the late ’50s and remains one of the most efficient taught types of childbirth classes. In the early days, the focus was on using controlled breathing techniques to cope up with labor. We breathe without even being aware of how we do it. But during pregnancy, the very act of breathing can help us sail smooth through the tedious nine months and hours of ‘back-breaking’ labor! The problem is that, most of us don’t really know how to breathe ‘right’.

Pay attention to your body and you’ll see that you are taking shallow breaths most of the time. But during pregnancy you need deep breaths. But deep breathing takes practice to perfect. We train you the breathing exercises at comfort to help you power the art of breathing and experience calm birthing process.

Breathing exercises and techniques are really helpful during labor. It calms the mind and make excessive pain tolerable. It will maximise the amount of oxygen available for baby as well as the mother. It also reduces the risk of assisted births.

We at blissful pregnancy teach you the breathing techniques to cope up with the stress during labor. We teach you how breathing can help in pushing the baby out during second stage of labor. We also provide classes on Yoga during pregnancy, Fitness during pregnancy, Diet & Nutrition during pregnancy, Weight loss program for new mothers.