Coping Techniques for Labor

When you’re pregnant for the first time, the thought of labor can be quite daunting. “What will it feel like?” and “How will I cope?” are very common questions.
There are many ways to decrease pain in labor without the use of medications. These comfort measures can be very effective in providing some degree of pain relief. Laboring women can use a variety of techniques to decrease the pain and discomfort of their contractions.

For women who birth without medical interventions, there can be many benefits.

Benifits of birth without medical intervention

  • Less pain after birth
  • Faster recovery from birth
  • Less chance of a Cesarean section
  • Increase in self-esteem as a result of the birth
  • More bonding with the baby
  • A calmer, more settled baby
  • Less likelihood of depression after the birth
  • Potential for easier breastfeeding

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